Wow, It has been a long time since I update this site. I seriously need to get back in to this but anyway - just want to let you guys know that I just release a new movie on youtube. You should be able to see it above.

Will be back with more stuff soon.

In the process of updating this site...and making my production logo/intro...

It has been a while since the last time I updated this site. Just to keep you guys update, i'm currently working on some poses/animation. I'm in a process of finishing up so hopefully i will be out for testing soon

Wow, It has been 2 months since my last post. There's one thing i needed to post here month ago, and i was too busy, and didn't find any time to give you guys an update. It's about Fatal Attraction, It won "Best movie of July" on Sims99. Really thank you to all people who voted and reviewed it. I did read all the reviews and i really appreciate all those feedbacks. it definitely gonna help me a lot with my next movie. Speaking of that, i hope it will come soon >.^

I can't believe Fatal Attraction was being delay this long. It should have been out like months ago. Anyway, I'm glad it's finally here.

you can visit this link to read about my production note http://www.sims99.com/forum/blog.php?b=316



It has been over a month since i promised to release Fatal Attraction. I thought after I'm done with school I'm gonna have all the time i want in this summer to work on all the projects i have in mind, but well....... now i'm kind of stuck in my personal stuff (you know working and stuff) and probably won't have much time to spend on making movies like I wished. About Fatal Attraction, i still have some trouble with filming the ending. *still trying to figure out how to make it look perfect*

and tomorrow I'll be leaving for Texas for a week, just a small vacation with my family, still can't believe I agree to go though since it's hot as hell over there at this time. Hopefully I will have a great time. Does anyone live in Dallas or Houston or anywhere near these 2 cities, and know any good place to hang out and have fun?


I've uploaded some screenshot from Fatal Attraction, go to the "Gallery" to check it out.

Also, I've decided to submit my Fatal Attraction for a contest, but because of the contest rules, it has to be under 5 mins, so i have to cut here and there, turn out the story may seems a bit different, and the ending wasn't exactly what i planned out.

I will release the original version here soon, which is over 6 mins. there's gonna be some scene that wasn't included in the contest version and the special ending that i planned out for this. i haven't shoot this ending yet so i gotta get to work on that.

Honestly i don't want you guys to watch this at all because it would totally spoil my entire movie but well........ if you guys would watch and vote for this, it would be great.

and here the link (just copy and paste it in your browser)

Edit: Link removed. Contest is closed.

I'm currently having final exams, so Fatal Attraction will hold back for a few weeks. Just want to give you guys an update. ^-^

I finally have my computer fully fix, there's still a little problem but everything is working normal now. I did a full system recovery, i thought i really gonna lose everything but thanks to my computer it actually did a backup before performing the recovery, all i have to do is re-install all my sims game but all my download files are still here (yayyyy). Gotta get back to work now.

Just a quick update, the PC i'm using to edit and record my movies just got infected and have no idea what i did, it was working fine yesterday morning then after i get off from work that evening, turned it on and it run really slow, wouldn't even start any program. This is just too depressing, all my files are in there. and there's no way for me to back up all date since it wouldn't recognize any USB drive. After all those weeks i have spend my time on it.....i'm so stress out right now.

I just release a teaser for a new MV called Fatal Attraction. It's an action movie. The full length movie will release later this month.
Check it out and tell me what you think on my Youtube Channel.

I'm currently working on an action music video. it's a music video with a few dialogs. This is something i haven't done before and wanted to do for a long time. That's all i can tell you. Since i'm busy working on this video, i won't have time to put all my video on here so it will take a while, at least not until i'm finish the movie. And there's gonna be another talkie project, i'm still waiting for all my voice to come in so keep an eye out for it. ^-^

I finally found a home for all my movies since I removed lizlyly.com. Thanks to the other movie makers who have a site with Moonfruit. After visiting their site, I thought this is a great place for me to settle down so I decided to make this site here and it doesn't cost any money, which is a great things.

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